Essentials At Home

My essentials at home help me to wind down after a long day. When I am travelling, I always try to recreate a home away from home:

- A good scent is key, I love the following scents: Myrrhe from Diptique, Colette from Lola And James, A wonderful perfume that I am using for years now is Gucci Guilty. Find it here

- A blanket to cuddle up on the bed. I adore my 360Cashmere blanket. It's perfect size and weight makes it easy to travel with. I instantly feel better when I can lay down with it. Find it here

- Cashmere socks in winter for the perfect nap no matter what time it is. I only feel fine when my feet are warm and cozy. Find it here

- Tea (very serious topic) from Mariage Frères Paris. I love peppermint tea or camomile. Find it here

- Coffee with (a lot!) of milk and milk foam. Preferred with some 90s Hip Hop to de-stress. Find it here

- When I don't want something like coffee or tea I opt for Ginger Ale. This is also nice when you are feeling under the weather or when you are feeling sick. 

- Fashion magazines or a great book. Stay in the know and let your mind drift away. Yes, please! Find it here

- Lip balm, hand cream and foot cream. I love the hand cream from Laura Mercier, it smells divine,  the foot cream from Caudalie and lip balm from Chapstick or Sisley. Those staples are necessary all day everyday. When you smell nice and feel good, you feel more relaxed. 

- Molton Browns Black Peppercorn shower gel. I ADORE this scent so much. Firstly bought one of those years ago in the duty-free section in Boston Airport. Since then, I am hooked. Love their travel sizes as well. They are relatively huge compared to others. Also: Your hubby or boyfriend might use this as well so be aware.

Denise xo

Denise Rollier