How To Stay Focused And Improve Productivity


Staying focused is a tricky task. Sometimes we just cannot focus on anything than lousy tv-shows or the latest Netflix obsession. Everyone knows that feeling when you just cannot get up from that cozy couch.

Long and tiring working days don't help much and you feel super tired after work. However, I have some tips for you if you really wanna  be productive and get things done until they bother you:


  • Make a To-Do list if you feel better

  • Open all windows and let some fresh air in

  • Mute your cellphone

  • Tidy your workspace so that you don't start to read anything else when you should be focussing on one thing only

  • Set your alarm clock for 30min and start with your task, get a glass of water after 30 mins and don't let anything distract you before the clock strikes

  • If you can: get some aromatherapy diffusor with and add some oil, I can recommend the Aromatheraphy Oils in Revive

  • If you are still struggling > close your eyes, take a deep breath, treat yourself with a Diet Coke

  • Take a bath afterwards to exhale all the bag energy and sleep well

Denise xo