The Perfect Soundtrack To Your Workday


So I have been testing some music for you guys so you don't have to. I tried to figure out what music makes you most energetic and productive.

Surprisingly enough - it's not the same music I would listen to while I am in the shower or having a cocktail. If you want to, you can follow me on Spotify > deniserollier

Here are my top 10 tracks:

  1. KREAM - Know This Love

  2. Win + Woo - In Love Again

  3. Autograf feat. Lils - You Might Be (Goldfish Remix)

  4. Lane 8 - Every Night (Original)

  5. Petit Biscuit - Beam

  6. Astronomyy - Nothin' On My Mind

  7. ODESZA feat. Naomi Wild - Higher Ground

  8. Shallou - Lie

  9. Kaskade - Nobody Like You

  10. deadmau5 - Not Exactly (you'll love it around 1:36)

Go get your headphones!! I am wearing mine already, blasting number 10 right now :-)

Have a wonderful work day!!

Denise xo

Denise Rollier