What's On My Desk

DSC02197 2.JPG

Every friday after work, I try to re-organize my office. There are always papers, notebooks, pens, several beauty products I am trying out and fashion magazines stacking up in piles. First, I try to get rid of any papers, invoices and notes. Usually, I write all my thoughts and notes in a Moleskine or on a to-do list. As there are times when I don't have a pen with me, I also write down misc. stuff on my Iphone. I try to delete pictures on my phone that I already posted or that I don't want anymore. I am collecting fashion magazines so they are rarely going to waste.

If you would like to upgrade your office look, here are your essentials:

1) Pencil holder

2) Caudalie face mist

3) Notepad by Barneys

4) Picture frame from Barneys

5) The Fashion Book

6) Notebook - Set

7) Mini candle set by Diptique

8) Throw (for nap time) or for colder months, also looks so cute thrown over your chair