How to get yourself together

We all know the feeling when everythings goes on and you are just stuck - you want to crawl into your bed and do nothing but sleep for the next few months. I know that feeling all too well. But let me tell you, there's nothing good or healing about that when you acutally decide do to that. It takes a lot of discipline to always act the way everybody else thinks you should act, what you should be doing and how you should be doing it.


I have a few tips that I have come up with the past few months:

I) Try to have a daily routine and stick to it.

There's nothing more depressing when you are feeling like shit and your hair, nails and face are screaming that as well. Set up a daily routine for your all of those categories:

HAIR > Wash your hair every day or every second day. Don't forget the conditioner, it makes all the difference. Spend a little more if you found your holy grail of shampoos that actually make your hair pretty. Blow dry it and don't skip the hair spray. (I love Bumble+Bumble for hair spray)

NAILS > Keep them nice and clean, don't let chipped nail polish be OK, cut them and don't search for an excuse. People notice your hands first.

FACE > Remove your make-up, clean your face (I use the Sunday Riley cleanser) and the serum, put on sun screen every morning and put on your daily make-up.

II) Go grocery shopping on a fix date (not on Saturday, you'll hate the crowds)

- Try to write a grocery list and stick to it. You will be out faster and you don't spend too much money on chocolate, crisps etc.

III) Do your laundry wednesdays

Yes, this is not negociable. You'll feel like an adult if you are able to wear different outfits and smell the clean clothes.

IV) Stock up on daily necessities

You should not have to worry about the laundry detergent or q-tips that are finished. Make a list of what you may need and buy several so that you don't have to run to the store because of one item.

My essentials that I always buy several packs of are:

- Q-Tips + Cotton Pads

- Shampoo + Conditioner (I love Sachajuan, Kérastase, Leonor Greyl)

- Tissues (I put one packet in my handbag, one in the car)

- Nail polish remover (I once bought the Dior Nailpolish bottle, that looks very chic, I always fill it up with grocery store bought remover)

- favourite drinks in your fridge (I am living on Red Bull Sugarfree and Diet Coke right now)

- chocolate

- something to eat as a snack (Apples, Peaches)

V) Make playlists on Spotify

The act of searching for new music sets your mood for your playlist that you turn of every morning. Your morning rituals are so much more valuable if you put on the right music. If you have trouble and don't feel too inspired, please check out my monthly playlists here.

VI) Clean your shoes and your handbag weekly

It's the little things and this one will make a difference when you find your wallet, your keys, your make-up bag and your cellphone when you look for it. Also, you'll be thankful for your organizational skills if you have nice, polished shoes.

Denise xo

Denise Rollier